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Building a Career at the Intersection of Retail and Impact

Craig Zelizer

April 1, 2024

Join the Upcoming Livestream of the Social Change Career Podcast: Building a Career at the Intersection of Retail and Impact

Dive into Nicholas Manderfield's journey from managing one of the world’s largest Cheesecake Factory locations, to leading Reincorporated NFP, showcasing how retail can be a powerful lever for social change.

Why You Should Join:

  • Transition Insights: Discover Nicholas's path from the restaurant industry to a leadership role in a nonprofit that harnesses retail for global impact.
  • Upskilling for Impact: Uncover the skills essential for driving change through social entrepreneurship, as demonstrated by Nicholas's experiences.
  • Building Strong Partnerships: Gain insight into how Nicholas creates meaningful collaborations, such as the impactful Embera Bead Project.
  • Business Acumen for Change: Explore the blend of business savvy with a dedication to social good, learning how to navigate this unique landscape.
  • Interactive Q&A: Ask Nicholas direct questions in a live Q&A, getting tailored advice for your career in social impact.

Event Details:

  • When: April 4 at 10 AM EST
  • How to Attend: Join us live on LinkedIn & YouTube. Can't watch live? The recording will be available on our YouTube Channel or listen on PCDN or your favorite podcast platform. Additionally, explore over 140 other episodes featuring leading innovators from around the world sharing actionable insights into diverse career pathways.

Bio Nicholas oversees Reincorporated NFP, a nonprofit retail website championing six unique global initiatives, including the Embera Bead Project in Colombia. This project supports the displaced Embera Indigenous community, directing funds towards Casa Embera for educational support, medical campaigns, and fair wage trade workshops. His work during the pandemic, which resulted in the donation of over 80 tons of food, underscores his commitment to making a tangible difference in communities in need. Through innovative retail strategies, Nicholas illustrates the profound impact of integrating business practices with a passion for social change.

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