Author: Suzanne Ghais

Working with (Good?) People Who’ve Done Bad Things

By Suzanne Ghais, Ph.D. (sghais.com) I experienced an upsetting thing recently. My husband and I learned that a very good friend–someone we’ve both known for many, many years–has been accused of sexually harassing several women. The severity of the alleged actions could be worse, but let me be clear: I am a big supporter of

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Public Participation and Peace Processes: Part I

By Suzanne Ghais, Ph.D. sghais.com As many of my readers know, I spent nearly two decades in the domestic field of conflict resolution and consensus building before seriously pursuing my interest in peace processes. One of my big areas of practice was in public policy: helping government officials work with interest groups (or “stakeholders”) and

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Peacemakers & Peacebuilders, Take Heart

By Suzanne Ghais, Ph.D. (sghais.com) Last week I was lucky enough to attend the Alliance for Peacebuilding‘s annual conference. It was my first time attending, and I think it’s my new favorite conference, striking what for me is the right balance of practical and practitioner-friendly topics but well informed by scholarship. One thing that struck

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How to Ruin a Peace Process: Exclude a Rebel Group

By Suzanne Ghais, Ph.D. (sghais.com) A friend of mine belongs to a dinner club. You know the kind: there are maybe 8-10 members, and they take turns hosting a fancy, home-cooked dinner. My friend travels often, and she’s recently gotten frustrated because the decision making–on who’s hosting when, on what the rules are–always seem to

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