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For Success : You need FOCUSING

Many of us who seek success have a habit of planning. We as a human being have a lot of ambitions to achieve in life. Despite everyone has some kind of planning and desires at least inside the mind, they fail with time. So today I’m going to tell you about the number one skill

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Life Purpose

I do agree, that everything in life has a purpose, even more, everything knows its purpose. But it seems like only humans get lost in knowing what the purpose is. Some of them -if not the majority- are lost, and I think they are still not aware of their purpose, which paves their way to

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Attention: It’s Not The Mirror, But Your Reflection!

People are wondering why things aren’t going in their life as they want? Why the things they don’t want to be happening are always happening? and what should we do if it frequently happens? Well, let me remind you that the outside world is always the reflection of the inside world, and If you still

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Is The world Your Reflection?

There is a lot of talk out there with many people making the law of reflection either to become a guilt to every one, because that is what they are reflecting in the outside, or it becomes  a denial that they refuse to understand this law, due to their refusal of accepting that whatever they

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Self Developing: Consciousness!

I think you are reading this article right now because I hope you care about developing your self and widening your life’s choices. Personal development is a continuous process in man’s life and it will never be stopped. So you have come to the life because you were developing and you are developing and you

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Stop Self-Sabotage!

Self-sabotage means that a person who gets something good in life and then destroys it by himself. So when the person gets a very good job for example but deep inside him, he doesn’t feel that he self-worth it, so he unconsciously destroys that job by creating a problem with the boss or at the

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