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The Right Attitude Towards a Results Orientation

(This is originally lifted from the same blog post article from www.globalstakesconsulting.com) A few days ago I got an inquiry from a manager of one of the growing community programs in Alberta. She inquired about evaluation and how they should go about it. One of the things I noticed is that from all the other

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Thinking too small

(This is lifted from the GlobalStakes Consulting website blog post of the same title). Stop thinking that you do not have the money. You have the money you are using it for other purposes. Stop thinking you do not have time. You have time. You are using your time in things that do no produce

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Failures as Learning Opportunities

(This is directly sourced from GlobalStakes Consulting blog, www.globalstakesconsulting.com. For more blog posts on this and related issues, please subscribe to our monthly newsletter.)   When we fail in our organizations, companies, and as individuals, there is a tendency to hide it as it is embarrassing, deflating, and ultimately hurts the ego. But if this

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Why is passion overrated? part 1

(This article is cross-posted from GlobalStakes Consulting.com website. For the part 2 and other interesting articles on innovation, impact, and sustainability in the social sector, please visit the website at www.globalstakesconsulting.com/blog). Over the weekend, I was one of the presenters at the First Annual Act: Humanitarian Leaders of Tomorrow Conference sponsored by A Better World

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Stop Romancing the Sector

 {This article is cross-posted from GlobalstakesConsulting website (www.globalstakesconsulting.com)}   Yes, you all have noble intentions working in the social sector. As insiders, you all know that that is one of the reasons why you are volunteering, fundraising, giving monies to, and spend enormous amounts of time working for your favorite cause-oriented organizations, campaigns, and networks.

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The Perversity of Measures

One time I was working for a client that  I am helping get back on track when it comes to performance measurement framework. The conversation went into the loftiness of some of the goals that was set up by a funding institution that they are supposed to align to with their project. This is a

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