Author: Jenn Weidman

Existential Composting

I recently started composting.  Let me help you visualize that.  I live in an apartment.  With a couple small balconies.  In the city.  In the tropics.  And I’ve recently started composting. “It will smell!  There will be bugs!  We will be living with a pile of trash!”  These were  the protests and worries of my

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Lobsters & the Olympics

(Originally posted on the Space Bangkok blog.) “Lobsters come to mind…” I found myself saying in a recent chat with a friend.  In answer to my friend’s quizzical expression, I referred to this bit of an interview from JInsider with Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski in which he talks about responding to stress.  I’ve been gleefully

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Mindfully Starting a Mindful Startup & Old Habits

(Originally posted on the Space Bangkok blog.) It’s truly challenging at times, mindfully starting a mindful startup.  For me, it began well and with a certain level of awareness that the process would be difficult.  After all, I was launching a startup while trying to maintain a good life balance.  Imagine it.  You are doing

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Intention, Attention, Time, & Coffee

(Originally posted on the Space Bangkok blog.) When I went to Italy a few years ago, I spent a bit of time observing the local morning coffee routine.  Italians leaned on the cappuccino bar counter, lingering, chatting, slurping their espresso in two refined gulps…and then moving on.  The entire transaction took no more than a

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The Discipline of Presence in Peacebuilding

(Originally posted on the Space Bangkok blog.) I’ve mentioned before how discipline is what takes over when motivation runs dry.  How does that impact the discipline of presence in peacebuilding?  As with most things, we must build up our skills gradually.  There is motivation at the start, and then discipline for the long haul.  And

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Unexpected Haiku

(Originally posted on the Space Bangkok blog.) “Are you interested in tarot?” she asked?   “No, actually.  I’m interested in haiku.” “Oh!  I always thought haiku was so hard.  You know when I read it as a kid.  I just didn’t get it.  And it’s hard…” There it was.  Certainly everyone engaging with this exhibit

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Leaning In to Engage

(Originally posted on the Space Bangkok blog.) In the martial art I study, we do a lot of leaning in – and by that I mean actually moving in toward your opponent.  If you are unsure or things are getting dicey, it is often best to get closer.  If you block an attack and immediately

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Working Wood & Working

(Originally posted on the Space Bangkok Blog.) I have recently been pondering the challenges of mindfully starting a mindful startup.  One weekend this past summer brought with it a bit of clarity and perspective. A good friend/colleague and I managed to be in the same place at the same time – a campground in beautiful

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Mindful Moments & Haiku

You know those moments when you are going full tilt, rushed and preoccupied, and then you see something? Or hear something? Or smell something? And it stops you in your tracks. Just for a moment?

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Talking Sticks for Peace

…Scattered around the world are people like myself, who’ve been similarly inspired by John Paul to look for the potential beauty of a talking stick in something someone else would walk straight past, throw for a dog, or burn. We see a pile of wood and wonder how many conversations they could facilitate. We walk past a fallen branch and dream about how many voices it could call from silence. We want you to join us in this process…

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