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Amplify Your Career Prospects This Summer: Exclusive AI Webinar Series for PCDN Career Campus Members

Craig Zelizer

June 26, 2023

Picture this - It's summer, the sun is shining bright, and you're lazing on a beach. But wait, you might be in the Southern Hemisphere, where it's cozy winter or maybe you're between jobs, or simply on the lookout for an opportunity to upskill?

Whatever your scenario, we have an enriching offer just for you!

As a part of the PCDN Career Campus membership, we're thrilled to announce an immersive three-part webinar series on Artificial Intelligence (AI), tailored to catapult your career:

Certainly, let's delve into what each of these exciting workshops will cover:

June: AI and Your Impact Career

  • Demystifying AI: Understand the fundamentals of AI, key terminologies, and its transformative role in various sectors.
  • Exploring AI Tools: Learn about the essential AI tools and platforms that you can incorporate into your workflow.
  • AI Starter Kit: Guidance on how to get started with AI, including resources for self-learning and skill-building.
  • The Critiques: Delve into a critical analysis of AI, examining its limitations and potential drawbacks alongside its advantages.

July: How to Use AI to Improve Your Application Materials

  • AI for Job Search: Learn how AI can streamline your job search, helping you find opportunities that match your skills and interests.
  • Revamping Resumes and Cover Letters: Discover how AI can help you craft compelling resumes and cover letters that catch recruiters' attention.
  • Understanding ATS Systems: Gain insights into Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), how they use AI, and how to optimize your applications to pass through these systems.
  • AI and Recruitment: Explore how recruiters use AI and how you can use this knowledge to your advantage during job hunting.

August: AI and the Future of Learning

  • Embracing Lifelong Learning: Understand why the desire and ability to continuously learn is the #1 skill for your career, especially in the era of AI.
  • AI for Personal Learning: Discover how you can use AI to facilitate your personal and professional learning journey.
  • Tools for AI-enabled Learning: Explore key tools and platforms that use AI to deliver personalized, efficient learning experiences.
  • AI Skills for the Future: Identify the essential AI skills that you need to thrive in the future job market.

Being a part of the PCDN Career Campus isn't just about webinars. Join a global community dedicated to impact, opportunity and more. Members get

  • 350+ Monthly Curated Career Opportunities - Get access to a vast array of jobs, funding options, consultancies, fellowships, upskilling opportunities, and social entrepreneurship & startup insights every month.
  • Regular Workshops - Participate in monthly workshops hosted by industry experts and thought leaders.
  • A Global Network - Engage with a diverse member base from over 30 countries.
  • Daily Newsletters - Stay updated with daily news about the latest career trends and opportunities.
  • Office Hours - Benefit from personalized guidance during our weekly office hours.
  • Dedicated WhatsApp and Slack Channels - Join vibrant discussions and network with like-minded professionals on our dedicated channels.

If you aren't a member yet, this is a great opp!

Boost your career trajectory and stay ahead of the curve with the PCDN Career Campus.

Join us today!

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