Day: January 29, 2018

Breaking the Cycle Between Organized Crime and Violent Conflict

Photo credits: United Nations Justice and Corrections Service  Monday, January 29, 2018/ By: Tina Luu Since 2000, more than thirty United Nations Security Council Resolutions and statements have mentioned “organized crime” in all its forms and have highlighted its relationship to violent conflict. Such increase in references demonstrate not only a growing recognition of the

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Brandeis University, Graduate Program in Conflict Resolution & Coexistence (Full Scholarships Available)

This is a sponsored post on PCDNetwork The call for peacebuilders grows ever stronger. Whether it is on the national, international, or local level, communities increasingly need peace leaders. The Graduate Program in Conflict Resolution and Coexistence (COEX), supported by the Alan B. Slifka Foundation, is responding to this call, offering degree programs that transcend disciplines and increase

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