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Affect change in the 21st century through the progressive graduate programs offered by SayBrook

Craig Zelizer

June 24, 2017

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“It’s about making the world better. One relationship at a time. One community at a time.”

—Kent Becker, Ed.D., Dean of Social Sciences

We are connected to the world around us. Understanding this connection has the potential to bring us closer together and to inform the decisions we make in our personal and professional lives.

It has the potential to change the world.

Understanding this interconnectedness is at the center of how we learn at Saybrook University. We apply it to fields, including integrative medicine and health sciences, psychology and counseling, social justice, and leadership and management.

More than 40 years ago, a group of leading psychologists gathered to form the first graduate school rooted in the foundations of humanistic psychology—emphasizing that the path to true transformation involves understanding the whole person, mind, body, and spirit. Since our founding, Saybrook has expanded this holistic view to include a variety of professional areas.

Leadership and management

Graduates of our M.A. and Ph.D. Leadership and Management programs will be prepared to address organizational needs in nonprofit or for-profit industries. Students learn to work toward sustainable change, and work creatively in a world that is diverse, complex, and changing rapidly.

Transformative social change

The world is in crisis. All of it is connected—resource depletion leads to poverty; inequality leads to violent conflict; over-consumption leads to global warming. Our Transformative Social Change programs help students develop the skills to understand the interconnectedness of various systems to make positive changes in the world.

Medicine and nutrition

Focusing on some of the fastest growing areas of health care, students in our Mind-Body Medicine and Integrative & Functional Nutrition degree programs learn to integrate natural, holistic medical and nutrition approaches into conventional treatment. Offering M.S., Ph.D., and certificate programs, our unique approach can help inform impactful careers in health care administration, data analysis, policy, consultation, or private practice.

Psychology and counseling

In order for true transformation and healing to take place, treatment needs to be holistic—taking into account both mental and overall health. Students in Saybrook’s M.A., Ph.D., and certificate programs are encouraged to explore different approaches to addressing the challenges we face as individuals as well as a society as a whole.

Integrative wellness coaching

Health and wellness coaches can help change lives by helping patients modify their lifestyles and behavior. In addition, many practitioners, educators, and health care professionals are seeking out advanced training in integrative wellness coaching to add to their own modes of treatment.

Education beyond borders

Saybrook University is primarily a distance-learning institution. Our students come from all over the United States. In these distance-learning programs, you will spend most of your time working with faculty and fellow students online or part of a cohort. Supplementing these online courses are six-day residential conferences (usually in Monterey, California) held at the beginning of each semester. These residential conferences give students the chance to meet each other and discuss relevant topics while building lasting personal and professional relationships.

Our faculty keep alive the spirit of innovative and creative approaches as they confront the complex challenges of our time. As scholar-practitioners, they unite “the library and the street” by relating scholarship and research to action and practice in a wide range of professional contexts. They continue to question and offer alternatives to mainstream axioms—fostering positive social transformation.

Be ready for change

Across the globe, our alumni, students, and faculty are making a difference. As scholars and leaders, our graduates remain united in the commitment of working toward a humane and sustainable world. They are transforming health care, providing organizational leadership, developing sustainable practices, and caring for populations in need. Saybrook University empowers every member of its community to follow their passion—dedicating themselves to a life of service and success. By approaching the world holistically, graduates of Saybrook University are able to navigate the complexity of ever-evolving systems in nearly any field.

As a result, they continue to leave their mark.

Transformation is not always easy. To that, Saybrook University’s president, Dr. Nathan Long, calls on students to be ready for change and to be brave. “It’s going to impact your life and the community you’re going to serve,” he says.

Click here to explore how Saybrook University can help you make your mark on the world.

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